Santai SepaBean Automated Flash Instrument

The SepaBean machine is an innovative flash chromatography instrument designed specifically with the chemist in mind. Its unique user friendly software interface allows seamless data collection and sharing as well as remote access.

  • Safe Reliable Data Recording & Sharing
  • Eco-friendly Column Management
  • Simple Mobile Interface
  • Internal Method Database
  • Global Chemistry Database
  • Technical Data
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Safe Reliable Data Recording & Sharing

All data generated by the SepaBean machine is stored and transmitted by 128/256 bit AES encryption technology and fully controlled by the owner of the machine.

Eco-friendly Column Management

With RFID column reading technology the SepaBean Machine can record and manage the usage of each MODUS Flash column enabling users to efficiently re-use flash columns and dispose in an environmentally friendly way when the column has reached its end of life.

Simple Mobile Interface

The SepaBean Machine employs the most advanced control technology and utilizes an iPad for the interface. The software comes with a lifetime of free updates which can easily be downloaded by the user from the APP store. The use of the iPad allows users to remotely access and control the machine even while in another room allowing chemists to maximize their laboratory time, the portable interface lets you get on with other work while still easily keeping an eye on your runs progress.

Internal Method Database

For every separation and purification, chemists not only devote a lot of time and effort but also spend considerable resources, the SepaBean machine provides a unique solution to save and share your methods with colleges locally and even internationally.

Global Chemistry Database

When paired with the ChemBeanGo global database the built in method database can grow exponentially. ChemBeanGo encourages researches around the world to contribute their knowledge and experience to be freely accessed with other users around the globe.

Technical Data

Sample Weight mg up to 150g
Supported Column Size 4g - 1600g
 Pump Binary maintenance-free Pumps
 Flow Rate 1 - 200 mL/min
Flow Accuarcy +/- 11%
Max Pressure 200 psi
Detector Dual wavelength UV/VIS
Pump Gradient Linear, Step, Gradient
Software Lifetime sofftware update via the App Store
Dimensions (H x W x D) 62cm X 40cm X 40cm


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