The Clarity MS Extension is a tool that is used for processing data that has been acquired from selected Mass Spectrometry detectors. Spectral data, together with chromatograms, add a third dimension to analytical data analysis.


The MS Extension expands the capability of Clarity Chromatography software by providing interactive spectral analysis, peak purity analysis and compound identification that is based on a spectral library search. The extension is prepared to function with single quadrupole MS detectors and TOF MS detectors.
The MS Extension is an optional extension for the Clarity and Clarity Offline Chromatography Stations version 5 and newer. The Clarity Chromatography Station is designed to acquire and evaluate data from up to four chromatographs at a time (multi-detector measurement support). Any Instrument within the Clarity station can use the MS Extension.

All data is saved in a single file; a chromatogram at any m/z value or even only a spectrum can simply be recalled for review after an analysis. MS spectra, acquired using a MS detector, may be interactively selected from a chromatogram signal for visual inspection and comparison. The spectra may also be used for peak purity determinations and component identification through spectral libraries.

Control modules for selected detectors (see list of control modules) are being prepared for Clarity version 5.0.3, with further MS detectors being supported with next versions. Additional control modules for particular MS detectors can be developed upon request, please contact [email protected] for availability.


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